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Staff Bios



Cory Bythrow, AFGE’s Communications Director, is focused on increasing AFGE’s visibility in the print/broadcast media, increasing training opportunities for membership and staff and integrating the union’s message across its many communications platforms. He believes that  AFGE’s message is only as strong as the number of dedicated unionists and supporters amplifying it. If the message, timing, and dissemination is right, Cory believes AFGE members can change the world. Originally from Boston, MA, Cory is a diehard fan of his beloved Syracuse Orange basketball team.


Tim at jobs not cuts rally

Tim Kauffman has been a Communications Specialist at AFGE for three years, and works on Defense and legislative issues. Tim’s favorite part of working at AFGE is serving our members, and feeling like we are doing something that benefits working people. He would advise someone looking to become more involved in social media to reach out and make connections with those who have similar interests. Originally from Charleston, S.C., Tim is a classically trained pianist and enjoys cooking when not in the office.

Chelsea Bland is a Communications Specialist at AFGE, who works primarily on Veterans Affairs issues and social media. chelsea at tim kaine eventShe has worked at AFGE for  four years, and her favorite part of working at AFGE is the great work environment, and the opportunity it gives her to be “in the know” about the issues facing our members. Because social media is constantly changing, Chelsea enjoys being able to introduce its use to AFGE members and exploring new ways it can serve as a valuable asset to the union movement. Chelsea thinks the coolest thing about social media is that it lets you connect with people around the corner or around the world. The speed and immediacy of social media and social networking allow for broad connections and access to new, unfiltered information and opportunities instantly. Originally from Fayetteville, N.C., many would be surprised to know that Chelsea has a twin sister, volunteered as a tour guide at the Newseum and has a black belt in karate.

photo (2)Sydney Glass, Communications Specialist, has been with AFGE’s Communications Department for two years, and loves the teamwork atmosphere and opportunities for growth exhibited at AFGE. Sydney’s advice for someone looking to become more involved with social media is to start with Facebook and Twitter, while being mindful that anything posted is publicly accessible and a representation of the person or entity providing the content. Originally from Washington, D.C., Sydney teaches ballet to young girls and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Brett W. Copeland joined AFGE in January 2014 to focus on the main website and assistsBrett Copeland with communications for the Social Security Administration. Brett is committed to helping show how AFGE members and other government employees make an impact on the United States through rich stories on the AFGE website. Brett’s tips for telling a great story online include snapping great photos, shooting clear video and writing concise text. Originally from Spirit Lake, Iowa, Brett enjoys experimenting with different cooking styles when not in the office.


DSC_0069Alex Palombo joined AFGE in March 2014 as a Communications Specialist focusing on e-mail marketing & mobilization, and will focus on work with the Bureau of Prisons. She looks forward to connecting AFGE members across the country on issues that matter to them. Alex was raised in Wilmington, Delaware, and sings with the Congressional Chorus in her spare time. She also competes in the District Karaoke league, and serves as their communications team.

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  1. Stephanie Starks said:

    Thanks to Chelsea Bland for helping me at the Human Rights Training Conference with starting up Local 1793’s fan page on Fackbook. I sincerely appreciated the expert advice you gave me. In Solidarity Stephanie Starks, Local 1793 President

  2. Ms. Stephanie you are most certainly welcome! It is always our pleasure to assist our members in any way that we can. Thanks for all that you do!

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